"The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" includes an intricate system for designing your character's head (but not the body, which looks identical across all characters in the game.) The system is full-featured enough that designing a face in the game can be considered an artform.
I think the character's name is "Mortal." The intent was to make someone who is middle-aged: complete with wrinkles and greying hair. Though the skin settings may be too saturated for the wrinkles to always come through fully. Hm.
These images owe a lot to the modding community (mods add tweaks to the game. The freckles under the character's eyes, for example, are possible due to a mod: "Djangos unique features") A list of character-based mods used in these images can be found at the bottom of this page.

Civilian garb.
General adventuring.
Snow gear.
Scuba adventuring.

Character mods visible in these screen shots (note this list does not include the great number of environment mods also visible)
"Ahiru's Glasses" by Ahiru, "binoculars" by Mundane, "Djangos unique features" by Django, "dwemer spectacles" by KafeiDotour, "Eyelashes For Vanilla Races" by Carah, "IC Bab - UFF Boutique" by Lyre, "JQ - Swimming Gear" by Jannix Quinn, "Kafeis better ring replacer" by Kafeid, "Kafeis better amulet replacer" by Kafied, "longer arrow mod" by Nicoroshi, "New Face Textures" by Enayla, "Scarves" by Krimsyn Kane and Kikaimegami, "TeamFF Fantasy Figures Base" by Team FF, "TeamFF Fantasy Figures Clothing Shivering Isles" by TeamFF, "TFF & ROBERT Frostleaf Leather Armor" by TeamFF, "TFF wearable male pants" by TeamFF, "Thieves Tool Belt Beta" by Taylorsd, "UFF AccomptOfTheDelitescent" by throttlekitty, "UFF BAB Conversion" by jclyde, "UFF Gypsy market" by Floydian1, "UFF_better lower body" by the_philanthropy, "UFF_HGEC_RM_Journeyman_armor" by Exeter, "UFF_knitwear", "UFF_RM elegant vests" by Petrovich

Plus various pose mods. I don't remember which are represented in the images, but they likely are a part of one of the following mods:
"Actors In Emotions" by Trollf, "CTAddPose_OTPair" by OreTueee, "Oblivion Pose Pack and Erotic Oblivion Pose Pack", "OSR Poses" by Pizz and Lera

And finally, quickly switching between the different outfits portrayed here was made possible by "Quick Clothes and Spells" by Gudwyn.