A group from embarked on the commercial adventure, "Rage of Demons". This takes place in the Underdark, a mushroom-filled world inhabited by dark elves, mind flayers, and the like.
I was enthused to make a character wrapped around the world which we would play in. Amanita is a dark elf druid of the Underdark, specializing in the ecosystem of the subterranean environment. In an attempt to blend into the background, her outfit is such that if she stands still,she can pass for a large mushroom or perhaps the shadow of one. Her name is also that of a genus of (mostly) poisonous mushrooms.
Here is her original design:

However the DM told me that we can't make up a new mushroom species. =P     Instead she must look like a trillimac, a mushroom which exists in published documentation. So here was the second go: